Thursday, March 15, 2012

Constitutionalism Equals Socialism

Constitutionalism = a committee determines the scope of government = Socialism = Conceit


Pragmatarianism = taxpayers determine the scope of government = Tax choice = Humility

We all make mistakes.  It's conceited for people to think that they are infallible.  The more conceited that somebody is...the more eggs that they are willing to put in one basket...the greater the consequences of their mistakes.  Therefore...

Scarcity + Fallibilism = Hedge Our Bets = Tax Choice

In other words...
It follows, then, that a less centralized society has the advantage of a greater diversification of its performance across a larger number of preceptors.  This is because diversification here dilutes the impact of the ability, or the lack thereof, of each preceptor on the aggregate societal performance. - Raaj K. Sah, Fallibility in Human Organizations and Political Systems

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