Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ensuring The Relevance/Efficiency Of Government Action

Comment on: The Paradox of Modern Individualism by Mark S. Weiner


The government isn't so long as it's efficiently supplying the tools that individuals need to successfully complete their missions? Yes, this is true. Maybe I skimmed too fast though...but did you mention anything about the mechanism by which we ensure the relevance/efficiency of government action?

Government: Here's some war on drugs
Bob: *reviews his recipe* Nope, my recipe doesn't call for any of that ingredient
Sam: *reviews his recipe* Neither does mine
Sally: *reviews her recipe* Same here

If taxpayers' money is not being spent on the efficient production of the ingredients that they need most...then the state is simply obamerating society. How do we ensure that the state does not become a massive obamertine? That's the fundamentally important question which it really doesn't seem like you even attempted to answer.

My answer is to create a market in the public sector. This would solve the preference revelation problem.

Do you have a better answer? Or is the question not really that important?

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