Friday, April 3, 2015

Don't Give Evil Robots A Leg To Stand On!

What happened here?  Either I got lazy and didn't finish the drawing... and/or I kinda liked how this picture doesn't make much sense.

Whenever I get the chance I simply "mooch" my previous drawings.  Here's the drawing from my previous post... Visualizing The Economics of Education...

Which was mooched from the drawing in this post... In Which Our Anarchist Hero Jeffrey Tucker Proves The Point Of Taxation...

And here's the drawing from AI Safety vs Human Safety...

Comment on .... Futarchy and Unfriendly AI


This is kinda like how futarchy works... STAR WARS or STAR TREK… we let the swarm decide!  The difference is that the outcome would be a lot more accurate with futarchy.  Why?  Because people would be putting their money where their mouths are.

As I pointed out here... AI Safety vs Human Safety... nobody, that I know of, has applied the best method we have for controlling humans (the market) to robots.   Which isn't too surprising since AI largely falls under the scope of computer science.  But it's the "safety" aspect that also falls under the scope of economics.  The development of an evil AI is most definitely an inefficient allocation of society's limited resources.

With futarchy we could bet on which organization/company is most likely to develop harmful AI.  We could also bet on which organization is most likely to develop beneficial AI.  Then we could shift our money from the former to the latter.


Don't give evil robots a leg to stand on!!!

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