Monday, January 22, 2018

Surveys: Voting VS Spending

Which is a better way to rank options... voting or spending?  In other words, which is better... democracy or markets?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Obama Presidential Center VS Public Park

The proposed plan is for 20 acres of Chicago’s Jackson Park to be destroyed and replaced with the Obama Presidential Center. Here’s the comment that I posted on the Dezeen story…


Imagine a survey…

Should the presidential center be built in the park?


But instead of participants simply voting for their preferred option, they would spend any amount of money on it. This system has two benefits…

1. Everybody would see and know the actual demand for/against the proposal.
2. The city would raise money to help reduce its ridiculously huge debt.

From my perspective, the world needs a lot more trees than buildings. So I’d definitely spend my money on the “No” option.


It is impossible for anyone, even if he be a statesman of genius, to weigh the whole community’s utility and sacrifice against each other. — Knut Wicksell, A New Principle of Just Taxation

The Suburbanist gets credit for bringing this issue to my attention…

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Efficient Allocation Of Babies

In my thread... Game Theory For Baby Names... Bombadil sarcastically suggested that babies be allocated according to spending.  It reminded me of the first episode of the Australian show "Offspring"...

And we land in whichever family we scored. Do babies end up with the families that suit them best?  Would we be better off swapping around?  

Do the best with what you're given, kids, like the rest of us.  For better or worse, you can't choose your family.