Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rachel Maddow...Let's Shower Together!

Dear Rachel Maddow,

I am a straight male and I would not kick you out of bed.  Would you mind taking a shower with me?  Does that question sound totally inappropriate?

You seem to have it in your head that the military is just like any other job.  The detail that you are missing is that soldiers, unlike most coworkers, often have to shower together...especially during basic training.

Yes, it would be possible to designate different showering times for gay soldiers but the military is all about cohesion and uniformity.  "Dress right dress" so to speak.  You DO NOT want to be the solider that's not like the others.

On your show you've had plenty of ex-military gay people...but to make a truly informed decision invite some random, ex-military, straight soldiers on to your show.

An Army Veteran

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