Friday, October 5, 2012

Subsistence Agriculture vs Sweatshops

Nobody would consider working in a sweatshop to be a "good" option.  So what does it mean when people choose that option?  It clearly indicates that working in a sweatshop is their "best" available option.  That tells us something about their other available options.  For's a photo I took of a young girl in Afghanistan gathering dung for a stone wall...

When liberals attack owners of sweatshops...they are attacking the people who give other people "better" options.  That's not how you help people...that's how you screw both the people who need help and the people who are truly helping them.  If liberals genuinely wanted to help people...then they would provide them with "better" options.  For example...they could start air-conditioned factories.

Are air-conditioned factories really a "better" option than sweatshops?  That should be up to employees and consumers to decide.  But we certainly don't make any progress...and we certainly do not help allowing the government to dictate who business owners hire and how much they pay them.

For more on this concept see...Biting the Hand that Employs You

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