Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Banned From Bad Philosophy

Post in Bad Philosophy subreddit: Pragmatarianism


One of my blog entries ended up here...which I discovered via my blog's traffic statistics.

So some of you have already had a taste of my philosophy.  How about a full serving?  Will it give you indigestion?  Maybe it will give you those cramps from holding in your farts?  Like when you're on a plane...or on a first date.

Imagine Earth's first date with aliens.  My philosophy predicts that the aliens wouldn't date rape us.  I call shenanigans when I watch movies where the aliens enslave/eat us and steal our resources.

The fact of the matter is that organisms don't crawl from the muck one day and build an intergalactic cruiser the next.  Progress occurs when better uses of limited resources are discovered.  And the rate of progress depends on the degree of deviation from the norm.  The less uniformity in thought/action...the faster the rate of progress.

The simplest way to think about it is an Easter Egg hunt.  If you tied all the kids together...they would cover less ground...which means that less Easter Eggs would be found.  Plus, tying them all together increases the amount of harm done if one of them accidentally steps on a landmine.  If every member of a species lives near a volcano...then the entire species could be wiped out if the volcano erupts.

In order to maximize the rate of progress...a species has to hedge its bets by diversifying both its location and its actions.  This is a universal's not just particular to our planet.

The more progress a species makes...the more likely it is to discover this universal truth.  In other words, more enlightenment makes it more likely that the source of enlightenment will be seen.  By the time a species is capable of building an intergalactic cruiser it would be impossible for them to have failed to make this discovery about discovery.

Here on Earth...taxpayers can't choose where their taxes go.  People aren't free to decide which government organizations they trade with.  Our diversity of perspectives is the source of our progress...yet we fail to apply it to the public sector.  So as a society we still aren't sufficiently enlightened.  We still don't see the problem with blocking deep input.  Society shoots itself in the foot which greatly hinders progress.

What do you think?  Is pragmatarianism bad philosophy?  Does it give you indigestion?  Am I in the right place?


This post resulted in my banishment.

Given that I was banned from bad philosophy...does it mean that pragmatarianism is good philosophy?  Or maybe it's not bad enough?  Perhaps I should have tried harder to make it badder.  Sometimes I wonder if intentionally bad is the new good.  Actually the large bulk of wondering occurred after I watched Sharknado.
My post only received 5 comments.  None of them were very substantial.  For some reason this leads me to doubt the group's value judgements regarding philosophy.

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