Sunday, April 5, 2015

Immoral Humans vs Immoral Robots

There are multitudes with an interest in peace, but they have no lobby to match those of the 'special interests' that may on occasion have an interest in war. - Mancur Olson

Reply to reply... Futarchy and Unfriendly AI

He speaks about how it's obvious that nobody funds a evil AI. For some values of evils that's true. On the other hand it's not the cases we worry about. - ChristianKl

Not sure how you missed it... but I speak about how people should be able to choose where their taxes go. Maybe you missed it because I get swamped with downvotes?

Right now the government engages in activities that some people consider to be immoral. For example, pacifists consider war to be immoral. You think that there's absolutely nothing wrong with pacifists being forced to fund war. Instead of worrying about how pacifists currently have to give war a leg to stand on... you want to worry about how we're going to prevent robots from being immoral.

When evilness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder... it's just as futile to try and prevent AIs from being immoral as it is to try and prevent humans from being immoral. What isn't futile however is to fight for people's freedom not to invest in immorality.

Any case you worry about is a case where an AI that you consider to be immoral ends up with too many resources at its disposal. Because you're really not going to worry about...

1. ... a moral AI with significant resources at its disposal
2. ... an immoral AI with insignificant resources at its disposal

So you worry about a case where an immoral AI ends up with too many resources at its disposal. But that's exactly the same thing that I worry about with humans. And if it's exactly the same thing that I worry about with humans... then it's a given that my worry is the same regardless of whether the immoral individual is human, AI, alien or other.

In other words, you have this bizarre double standard for humans and AI. You want to prevent immoral AIs from coming into existence yet you think nothing of forcing humans to give immoral humans a leg to stand on.


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