Thursday, August 27, 2015

Liberals Hate Mexicans More Than Donald Trump Does

Imagine that you're the Joker.  Obviously you want to kill Batman.  So what do you do?  One deviously simple plan would be to commandeer the bat signal.  Then, when Batman responds to it, you kill him.

What if Batman was an entrepreneur?  Then you would use the signal that displays the highest profit...

What if Batman was a worker?  Then you'd use the signal which displayed the highest wage.

What if Batman was a poor worker?  Then you'd use the signal which displayed the highest minimum wage.

What if Batman was a poor worker in Mexico?  Then you'd use the signal which displayed the highest minimum wage... and, rather than having to kill him yourself, you'd use the border to kill him for you.

Liberals want to increase the minimum wage (which will attract more Mexicans)...

Garcetti said county adoption of the minimum wage proposal would put the Los Angeles area “past the tipping point.” He predicted other cities would follow suit to avoid losing the most qualified workers to higher-wage areas. - Abby Sewell, Jean Merl, Sarah Parvini, Business concerns stall minimum wage vote by L.A. County board

... but they also want to make it more difficult to cross the border (which will kill more Mexicans)...

In the United States, for example, the AFL-CIO has traditionally taken a very tough stance in favour of restrictive immigration laws and border control measures aimed at stemming illegal immigration into the country from Mexico. — Michael J Hiscox, Global Political Economy

We all know that Donald Trump is also a fan of making it more deadly to cross the border.  But, unlike liberals, he's fine with the minimum wage where it is...

Trump is one of the few Republicans in the 2016 field who isn't skeptical of the usefulness of a federal minimum wage, but he doesn't think it should be increased from the current rate of $7.25 an hour. - Heather Long, So what exactly is Donald Trump's economic policy?

Clearly Trump hates Mexicans... but liberals hate Mexicans even more.

Just in case you didn't visit the Wikipedia entry on Migrant deaths that I linked to...

If your Spanish is a little rusty it says, "Caution! Do not expose your life to the elements. It's not worth it!"

The sign says one thing, but the minimum wage says another thing.

Some relevant passages....

“What concerns me are provisions in the bill that would bring low-wage workers into this country in order to depress the already declining wages of American workers,” Sanders said in May 2007. “With poverty increasing and the middle-class shrinking, we must not force American workers into even more economic distress.” - Seung Min Kim, Bernie Sanders and immigration? It’s complicated

In 1921 and 1924, Congress passed legislation that effectively shut down immigration into the US. Although much of the motivation behind these laws was to exclude ‘dangerous aliens’ such as Italian anarchists and Eastern European socialists, the broader effect was to reduce the labour surplus. Worker wages grew rapidly. - Peter Turchin, Return of the oppressed 

You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you're a white high school graduate, it's 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids? - Bernie Sanders, Interview With Ezra Klein

Looking back over my own life, I realize now how lucky I was when I left home in 1948, at the age of 17, to become self-supporting. The unemployment rate for 16- and 17-year-old blacks at that time was under 10 percent. Inflation had made the minimum-wage law, passed ten years earlier, irrelevant.  
But it was only a matter of time before liberal compassion led to repeated increases in the minimum wage, to keep up with inflation. The annual unemployment rate for black teenagers has never been less than 20 percent in the past 50 years and has ranged as high as over 50 percent. - Thomas Sowell, Minimum-Wage Laws: Ruinous ‘Compassion’  

Legislative attempts to raise wages, limitation of competition in the labour market, taxes or restrictions on machinery, and on improvements of all kinds tending to dispense with any of the existing labour - even, perhaps, protection of the home producer against foreign industry - are very natural (I do not venture to say whether probable) results of a feeling of class interest in a governing majority of manual labourers. - J.S. Mill, Considerations on Representative Government

Even worse, this regulation will interact with the migrant flow from Latin America, to produce another set of unanticipated side effects. In some developing countries there is a huge army of unemployed who go to the cities, hoping to get one of the few high wage jobs available in the "formal" sector of the economy. With a $15 minimum wage, migrants will come from Mexico until the disutility of waiting for a good job just balances the expected utility of landing one of those good jobs. You'll have lots more angry, frustrated young Mexican illegal immigrants, with lots of time on their hands. - Scott Sumner, How bad government policies make us meaner

If the American automobile worker, railroadman or compositor says equality, he means expropriating the holders of shares and bonds for his own benefit. He does not consider sharing with the unskilled workers who earn less. At best, he thinks of equality of all American citizens. It never occurs to him that the peoples of Latin America, Asia, and Africa may interpret the postulate of equality as world equality and not as national equality. 
The political labor movement as well as the labor union movement flamboyantly advertise their internationalism. But this internationalism is a mere rhetorical gesture without any substantial meaning. In every country in which average wage rates are higher than in any other area, the unions advocate insurmountable immigration barriers in order to prevent foreign "comrades" and "brothers" from competing with their own members. Compared with the anti-immigration laws of the European nations, the immigration legislation of the American republics is mild indeed because it permits the immigration of a limited number of people. No such normal quotas are provided in most of the European laws. - Ludwig von Mises, Planning for Freedom

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