Monday, May 8, 2017

The Pragmatarian Model For The LA Times

Today I submitted the following idea to the LA Times...


My friend has helped her 4th grade class to become a country...

Recently a page was created to highlight their best blog entries...

The value of the entries is determined by civic crowdfunding.  Right now the crowd is pretty small.  It consists of the students, their teacher and myself.  But in theory the crowd could be as large as everyone in the world.  Everyone could use their donated dollars to help "grade" the students' work.   If the students are going to do a lot of work anyways, then they might as well do the most relevant work.  Can you imagine if all the students in the world used their time, energy, creativity and brainpower to solve the most relevant problems?

This idea is just as relevant to newspapers.  Actually knowing the relevance/value of your stories would allow you to far better serve your readers.

Does this idea seem far-fetched?  It shouldn’t.  Grocery stores allow consumers to substantially and specifically participate in the prioritization process.   You have the wonderful and incredibly important opportunity to use your dollars to "grade" the relevance/value of the products that are available at your local grocery store.  

This last Friday the Helpful Honda folks gave a really high "grade" to Classtopia by donating 24 chromebooks.  Fox 11 was there to cover the event...

It was a pretty great overview.  But the idea definitely merits wider coverage and deeper analysis.  Either grocery stores are doing it wrong... or newspapers and schools are doing it wrong.  Which is it?  It would behoove us to figure out the correct answer sooner rather than later.


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