Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kent's Critique of Pragmatarianism

Kent "The Hooligan Libertarian"...recently dedicated an entire blog entry to his evaluation of pragmatarianism.  Lot's of good criticisms from a very strong "rights" based perspective.

Kent and I have had quite a few surprisingly reasonable exchanges.  Here's our first discussion...Abortion: This Libertarian/Anarchist's position.  The discussion started off addressing abortion from the perspective of property rights and then transitioned into a discussion on taxes.

My position was that abortion was unethical from a strict interpretation of property rights.  As soon as unique  DNA is created the individual has the right not to have their property violated in any way.  The concept of property is only meaningful when there is some way to differentiate what I own from what you own.  When a woman is pregnant it becomes a situation where the woman can do whatever she wants with her body right up until the point her actions harm the individual within her.

From a pragmatic perspective though I believe that abortion should be legal.

For a couple other exchanges between Kent and I you can check out these search results.

For a critique of pragmatarianism from a revolutionary communist's perspective check out A "Hard Times" Milestone.

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