Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Pragmatarian Challenge to Stefan Molyneux

How many "natural rights" (deontological) oriented anarcho-capitalists are barking up the wrong tree?  That's a link to my challenge to Stefan Molyneux.

My challenge to Stefan is to explain whether the biggest obstacle to his World of Beautiful Freedom is people's "immorality" or their unfamiliarity with the concept of the invisible hand.  This challenge is in response to his video on Beautiful Freedom where he answers frequently asked questions on how a stateless society might work.  By far and large the video consists of him explaining how the invisible hand works.

As a pragmatarian I say nothing about whether "taxes are theft"...my only argument is that taxpayers should be allowed to directly allocate their taxes.  Even though the total amount of taxes would be exactly the same, the most common response to pragmatarianism is that some "important" public good would be underfunded.  For a mountain of evidence that supports this conclusion see my post on Unglamorous but Important Things.

It's clear that the biggest obstacle to a stateless society isn't that people are immoral...it's just that they have no idea how the invisible hand works.  Therefore, the revolution wasn't postponed because of immorality...it was postponed because it was outside of everybody's area of expertise.

My pragmatic recommendation is for everybody to bark up the right tree by focusing on helping people understand how the invisible hand works.  In my opinion...asking people to consider the outcome of allowing taxpayers to directly allocate their individual taxes...aka pragmatarianism...is a really good way to introduce them to the invisible hand concept.

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