Monday, February 2, 2015

Simplest explanation for why pragmatarianism is better than anarcho-capitalism

Defending pragmatarianism against anarcho-capitalists has been the subject of many of my blog entries.  Over time I've improved my defense somewhat.

From my post at Rational Liberty... Epiphytic Thinking


capitalistchemist:  This strikes me as a half measure. Why fight your way to the middle when many think statelessness is possible? And if it is possible, as a market advocate, you should prefer it.

xero:  Pragmatarianism would put taxpayers in the driver's seat. If you're going to predict they'll be happy cruising around the middle forever...then you're arguing one of the following...

  1. The middle is a more valuable destination than statelessness
  2. Taxpayers don't want more value

If, on the other hand, you assume that...

  1. Statelessness is a more valuable destination than the middle
  2. Taxpayers want more, rather than less, value

...then putting taxpayers in the driver's seat is the only measure you need to take.


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